Sell of system and hotel TVs

We offer to you a wide spectrum of hotel and system TVs from producers of renowned trade-marks.

Currently there are flat screen TVs on market, due to technology called LCD, plasma or LED.

For using in hotels we can provide you with two types of TVs:

  • Hotel TV (with hotel mode only)
  • System TV ( with possibility of communication card implementation)

Hotel TVs are with hotel mode, which offers two more basic options:

  • TV volume limitation

This function allows to set each TV to maximum volume level so the guests in adjoining rooms are not disturbing each other

  • Locking of set and lined up TV channels

Function ensures no other possibility to reset or reorder the TV channels.

This two functions are as part of SW special produced TVs which are delivered to hotels per order.

System TVs ( named as well interactive) have much more advanced software which allows implementation (connection) of communication card or box, which transfers informations through antenna net in both directions from hotel system to TV and on the contrary. For this communication there is a special remote control supplied by hotel system producer, not by TV producer.